Insurance Agents and Brokers Program


Company:       XL Group


Basis:               Admitted in 43 states (including DC)

                       Non-admitted in: NE, NH, NV, NY & WA


Where Written:          All States, except Alaska and Hawaii

The Plus Companies is the Nationwide Administrator for XL Group's small to mid-sized Insurance Agents and Brokers Program.

Small to mid-sized Insurance Agents and Brokers are defined as:

  1. Regular Agents and Brokers with commission revenue of $10 million or less  OR
  2. Wholesalers /MGAs with net commission revenue of $5 million or less. (Net commission being defined as the commission the wholesaler / MGA retains after they have paid their sub-producers)

Coverage Options Available:

Limits:           From $100,000/$200,000 to $5 million/$5 million

Deductibles:  From $1,000 to $100,000

                      options: either:  each loss OR aggregated at x3 the per loss amount.  

Premiums:    Start at $1,725

                      Premiums are based on commission income. (vs premium volume) 

Coverage highlights:


Please refer to your policy language for actual description of terms, coverages, amounts, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

What do we not write:


To get an indication of premium TPC requires:

New business:

An application (anybody's) which shows the:Limit, Deductible, Premium, Retro date and the type of deductible (being each and every vs x3 aggregate and Regular vs 1st $). For Agencies less than 5 years old, we need resumes of the owners and key staff.

Renewals to XL:

An XL application plus last years application, last years dec page and non-state amendatory endorsements.